While digital camera manufacturers have engaged in megapixel warfare, it seems that smartphone companies are battling each other with photocentric mobile devices. According to Android Authority and Engadget, Oppo gave viewers a peek at what may be a sensor-equipped smartphone plug-in lens. on Weibo. (The site requires a login and unless you read Chinese, you won't get any information from the link.)

As of this morning, Oppo's Facebook page is touting smartphone scrolling via a rear touch panel, with no mention of the rumored 16-megapixel, Sony CMOS sensor-equipped lenses. According to posts we've seen, the devices will be image-stabilized and offer NFC support, WiFi, and be SD-card compatible. A duo of lenses are rumored to include a 10x zoom and 15x zoom models. The image below suggests that these lenses are quite small, which makes sense if they are, indeed, plug-in optics. Perhaps we'll learn more after Oppo's press event on September 23.

Will Oppo launch one or more sensor-equipped plug-in lenses in a few weeks as suggested by this photo? (image via Android Authority)