Photographers hoping to attend this year's 'Firefall' waterfall event at Yosemite may be disappointed. The National Park Service has published an advisory warning that Horsetail Fall, the site of the Firefall event, has 'little to no water.'

The Firefall event takes place in late February every year, giving photographers the opportunity to capture the Horsetail Fall illuminated with sunlight. During this time, the water turns bright orange and resembles fire or molten rock pouring over the edge of El Capitan in Yosemite Valley.

The lack of water, however, threatens to ruin this event; without water, obviously, there will not be a stream of 'fire' to photograph. Assuming the Firefall does happen, it will be visible from February 13 to 27 this year. In order to prevent issues from heavy traffic during this event, Horsetail Fall will have daily restrictions from noon to 7 PM during the aforementioned dates.