Lux, the team behind the popular iOS camera apps Halide and Spectre, has announced a major update to Halide that adds support for Apple’s iPad tablets.

The Halide experience on the iPad will be familiar to those who have used the iPhone version thanks to a similar design language, but the interface has been redesigned from the ground up to make to a more streamlined shooting experience on the larger display.

As a whole, the interface is more spread out across the edges of the display and Lux’s custom typeface is now bolder for easier viewing. Lux even took into account the radius of the iPad screen’s corners so they could match the radius of the buttons to neatly nest into the interface for minimal distraction. To minimize the need to reach across the screen when changing settings, Lux has included what it calls an ‘expandable honeycomb’ next to the shutter button that brings up the most commonly needed settings and tools

Since iPads tend to be more two-handed devices, Lux has also added a feature that will 'flip' the interface so it's left-hand oriented for the southpaws out there.

Lux has also addressed the issue of the iPad’s unusual aspect ratio that can sometimes make for a confusing experience when shooting. It’s called ‘Pro View,’ and what it does is shrink the liveview display into the center of the screen so it’s easier to see the entire scene and compose a shot. Doing this also adds extra space on the display to more prominently display the histogram, waveform, manual focus and other pro features, ensuring nothing overlaps with the liveview. Pro View can be toggled on and off in the bottom left-hand corner of the interface (bottom right-hand if you've flipped the interface).

The iPhone version of Halide has also been updated with bug fixes and other improvements, including a few UI changes inspired by the iPad update.

You can download Halide for free in the iOS App Store. An in-app purchase will unlock additional features for $1.99 per month or $9.99 per year.