Why did you launch FWID?
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Why did you launch FWID?

In 2014, I started to share my work on Instagram and people were asking how I got these unique (at the time) angles. I would tell them it was from a drone and then they'd ask how they could get one, and so on. I would be helping everyone through messaging and emails. I realized, early on, that the same questions were being asked so maybe I should just start a website. I could send everyone seeking answers to the same questions there.

I couldn't find anything else like it. No one was really helping people. There were some super-techie questions in there but I'm more creative. Still, I shared tips, and what I was learning along the way with the goal to help people. Then I started sharing stuff from the community.

Before FWID was a website, it was a hashtag – and it was a joke.

Before FWID was a website, it was a hashtag – and it was a joke. There's that popular hashtag '#fromwhereistand,' and I thought of that except I was taking a photo with a drone. So I tagged it and people immediately got the joke. One day I clicked on it and there were a bunch of photos from people with drones. I realized back then that more people had a drone than I was aware of.

None of my immediate friends were flying drones so it was great for me to see all these people using them and capturing places in ways I'd never seen before. I started an Instagram account for it, just to share photos. That's where I got all the messages at first and then started the website to point people to for answers.