Editor’s note: Leica owners, consider this a trigger warning (the headline should tell you everything you need to know). Also, there is some language that may be considered inappropriate in this video.

We certainly take our photography serious here at DPReview, but there’s always room for a little fun (and self-deprecation). Photographer Samuel Lintaro Hopf has provided just that with his latest video, aptly titled ‘Sh*t Leica Photographers Say.’

The eight-and-a-half-minute video is a tongue-and-cheek play on things one might find a Leica photographer saying—ironically, or otherwise. Throughout it, Hopf and his friends showcase themselves fulfilling the stereotypes that sometimes get associated with individuals who own Leica cameras.

As for whether or not the stereotypes are justified might depend on whether you have a Leica sitting on your shelf, but it’s all for play at the end of the day. Hopf concludes the video saying ‘Obviously this was not a serious video […] hopefully you didn’t get triggered […] All the Leica people I know are actually very normal people, but there are always these stereotypes and it’s just fun to make fun of them.’

You can find more of Hopf’s videos on his YouTube channel, Samuel L. Streetlife.