The Nexus 5's battery is much easier to remove than the Nexus 4's.

With the release of Google' latest flagship phone comes a flurry of reviews, analysis and — one of our favorites — the iFixit tear down.

The Nexus 5 ended up scoring one point higher than its predecessor. The Nexus 4 got a 7/10 last year while the Nexus 5 earned 8/10 points on the reparability index. That extra point is likely because the Nexus 5’s battery is easier to replace than the Nexus 4’s.

iFixit found the Nexus 5's 8-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization pretty easy to take out, noting that the front-facing 1.3MP camera was especially quick to remove because its modular design was only lightly adhered to the device. 

From iFixit’s final analysis:

  • Very modular design allows independent replacement of several wear-prone components — like the headphone jack and speakers.
  • Only very mild adhesive holds the battery in place, making it fairly easy to safely remove and replace.
  • Standardized screws (ten identical #00 Phillips) simplify repairs and reassembly.
  • The back cover is held in place with plastic clips. Sturdy and rather difficult to remove, but easier than glue.
  • The glass and LCD are fused to the display frame. Fixing broken glass will be either expensive or very difficult.