We have imported a Nikon D700 Raw file into the app via Adobe Revel.
After making modifications the image can be saved back to Revel or on the phone's storage.

Adobe has updated both the iOS and Android versions of its free Photoshop Express mobile app. The new version comes with a number of added features and improvements but to many photographers the most useful new function will be the ability to edit Raw files.

Adobe has not provided much information about the new feature so we've tried it out and found that the only way to open our Nikon D700 .NEF-file in Photoshop Express is to import it from Adobe's Revel cloud service. We also saved the file on our device's internal storage, but there it could not be recognized by the app. Once your Raw file is open you can apply a variety of modifications, including digital exposure compensation, sharpening and contrast. Unfortunately you'll have to buy the Advanced Pack, which will set you back US$5.48 to modify noise reduction and use the new Defog filter. 

The intensity of effects can now be adjusted.
Unfortunately some of the new features will have to be paid for.

After you have finished your editing session you can save the changes to Revel - from there you can export the edited image or save it at full size on your device's internal memory. Overall Photoshop Express' editing is not nearly as comprehensive as the tablet-focused Photo Mate R2 but the app is simpler to use and works as well on a phone as it does on a tablet.

As long as you have decent internet connection it looks like a good option for doing some basic raw editing on the road. The fine-tuning can always be done on your work station when you're back home. Other new features include Blemish Removal for portrait images and the ability the control the intensity of filter effects but overall we were most impressed by the app's Raw capabilities. If you want to try them out for yourself you can download and install the new version of Adobe Photoshop Express from from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

The app does a reasonable job at removing minor blemishes such as the moles on my left cheek. 
But unfortunately I also managed get myself an extra nostril and a piece of my glasses frame sticking out of my nose by trying to remove more blemishes.