Apple's 'Shot on iPhone' ads have been a familiar sight on billboards and on TV for quite some time now. For the latest round of advertising Apple is now focusing on the iPhone 7's low light capabilities. The campaign's title is 'One Night,' because all images were taken by a group of photographers around the world on the night of November 5th, 2016.

The group captured life around them from dusk to dawn, only using the iPhone's camera. Like most smartphone cameras, with its small image sensor the mobile device has a distinct disadvantage compared to DSLRs and other system cameras in low light, but with its fast F1.8 aperture, improved optical image stabilization and a clever multi-frame mode, it's a step into the right direction and a noticeable improvement over the previous iPhone 6 generation. 

You can read and view the samples in our own comprehensive review of the iPhone 7 Plus or view a selection of the campaign images in full size in our gallery above.