Nemeio is a portable keyboard that uses e-ink technology to allow for complete customization for any app you want to use it with, including Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and other image or video editing apps.

The keyboard features mini-displays in each of the 81 keys, so users can create specific key-layouts for any app they are working with and switch between them using the Nemeio companion software. Icons can be dragged and dropped in the latter's virtual keyboard and then immediately show up on the real one.

The Nemeio can also be set to change its layout automatically with the app you are using. For example, you could use a standard keyboard layout while typing emails or writing a letter. Once you open Photoshop the keyboard would then automatically change to a different layout with editing shortcut icons.

The Nemeio comes with a brushed-metal body and measures only 12x7x0.43-inch (30.5×17.8×1.1cm), making it easily portable. It can connect to any device with Bluetooth keyboard support.

The Nemeio is not quite available yet but shipping is expected some time this year. Pricing could be an issue, though. Engadget reports the keyboard could cost somewhere between $300 and $500.