Last month, Sigma opened the doors on its new headquarters in Japan’s Kanagawa prefecture. The facility isn’t available to the public, but YouTube channel Gizmomo Freaks managed to get an inside look at the four-story building to show off the company’s new home.

The 14-minute highlights all of the major components of the new facility, from the built-in photo book library surrounding the central staircase to the rooftop garden and open-concept workspaces, many of which overlook the beautiful landscaping surrounding the building.

One of the most interesting features, however, is the ‘lens cellar,’ a standalone room that showcases all of the company’s cameras and lenses in a climate controlled area. The equipment is mounted to vertical panes of glass and are secured using custom mounts that give the appearance of the gear more or less floating in mid air.

For those who want to stay for an extended period of time, there’s a museum-style bench to sit on and admire the view, including a clever little window along the bottom back wall of the room that overlooks a beautiful garden.

The open concept offices on the third floor of Sigma's new headquarters. The rooftop garden atop Sigma's new headquarters.

The entire video is in Japanese and the auto-translated subtitles are far from accurate, but it’s still a fun watch that shows a little behind—the-scenes look at the facility where Sigma will be brainstorming its next-generation cameras and lenses.