Skylum Software has increasingly utilized artificial intelligence in its editing software, including its flagship raw photo editing software, Luminar. Skylum has used AI for tasks such as automatically adjusting the color and exposure of an image and even replacing the entire sky in an image. With the newly-announced version of Luminar, aptly dubbed LuminarAI, Skylum has taken the implementation of AI even further.

Skylum has designed LuminarAI to automate as much of the photo editing process as possible while never removing the user from making creative decisions with their images. The idea is to streamline the process and make photo editing more accessible for beginners while offering even more powerful editing tools for experienced users. As Skylum puts it, LuminarAI uses artificial intelligence to remove 'boring and complex tasks without sacrificing professional quality.'

Image credit: Skylum Software

Of LuminarAI, Skylum CPO Dima Sytnik says, 'LuminarAI will bring an entirely new, non-conventional approach to the world of photo editing, focusing on the results instead of the process. We've designed LuminarAI from the ground up to change how people interact with their images. We're really excited to see what LuminarAI can do for creatives everywhere.'

Artificial intelligence begins operating as soon as you select an image in LuminarAI. The software analyzes your image and recommends certain templates to help improve a specific image. Although AI is present throughout the entire process, you retain complete control over which edits are made and how they are applied.

LuminarAI can automatically crop and straighten your images via CompositionAI and automatically adjusts exposure and color via AccentAI, a feature longtime Luminar users will recognize. To add detail and texture to your image, LuminarAI includes StructureAI.

LuminarAI includes SkinAI to easily retouch skin and remove blemishes. There is also IrisAI, allowing the user to quickly enhance a subject's eyes. Image credit: Skylum Software

The portrait retouching process includes numerous new AI-powered tools for photographers. If you'd like to change the shape or relative size of parts of the subject, you can utilize BodyAI and FaceAI to gently sculpt. If eyes are truly the window to the soul, you'll want to use IrisAI to enhance a subject's eyes. Skin retouching is often a time-consuming process in software such as Photoshop, but in LuminarAI, Skylum includes SkinAI to quickly remove imperfections and blemishes in the skin without making the subject look fake or unnatural.

Image credit: Skylum Software

Landscape photographers will be able to enhance the sky in their image with the existing Sky Enhancer feature, but there's a new AtmosphereAI tool as well to add additional details to the sky. Of course, you will still be able to entirely replace the sky in your photo using SkyAI in LuminarAI. Within SkyAI, you can add warmth to the scene and even add rays of light.

LuminarAI includes numerous features aimed at enhancing landscape images. You can replace the sky, add rays of light, add warmth to the scene, enhance the sky and more. Image credit: Skylum Software

LuminarAI is releasing this holiday for macOS and Windows. The software will be available as both a standalone application and as a plug-in. To learn more about LuminarAI and to preorder via early-bird pricing, visit Skylum's new LuminarAI page.