The G90 lets you capture photos and video from the top of your smartphone.

G-Form, a company known for rugged smartphone cases, is now offering a case that essentially turns your smartphone into a GoPro camera.

Due out in June for the Samsung Galaxy S3, iPhone 5, iPod touch generation 5 and other smartphones, the G90 features a 140-degree wide-angle lens attachment that converts the phone’s rear-facing camera into one which captures the action from the top of the device. A compatible app helps you control capture via voice commands, and can also correct the perspective of the wide-angle images. The G90 provides a sturdy waterproof plastic casing around the phone, and offers additional protection using G-Form’s Reactive Protection Technology (RPT) to cushion the device from impact.

We saw a prototype of the G90 on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. Representatives demonstrated how the slim profile of the G90 could be mounted to a helmet, bike handles or even underneath a skateboard.

The G90 case will be available beginning June 2013; pricing information was not yet available.

G-Form uses a special cushioning material to protect mobile devices with its line of smartphone and tablet cases, as well as athletes with its protective athletic wear.
The G90 is shown mounted to a helmet. The case's thin profile will allow it to capture action stills and video from tight spots, including underneath a skateboard.