CineStill has launched its 50D film in 120 format, currently offering it for pre-order with an anticipated August 2017 shipping date. The 50D is a color-balanced daylight (5500K) color negative motion picture film; CineStill explains that its 'Premoval' process, which is proprietary, enables photographers to safely process the film at home or using standard C-41 chemicals. CineStill first introduced this film in late 2014.

This fine grain ISO 50/18° speed film is ideal for landscape and portrait photography, according to CineStill, which claims that its 50D product offers 'unrivaled highlight and shadow latitude.' The company says this film has been tested to have a shelf life of up to 1.5 years, though buyers are advised to use it within 6 months after purchase; price is $11.99 per roll.

The full list of features as provided on the 50D product page:

  • Color Balanced Daylight (5500K) color negative motion picture film stock for use as still photography film
  • ISO 50/18° in C-41 or ECN-2 Process
  • Factory spooled with self-adhesive labels inside
  • Remjet backing free, resulting in a unique halation effect
  • Unrivaled highlight and shadow latitude
  • Dynamic accurate color rendition
  • High resolution with maximum sharpness
  • Enhanced Scanning Performance
  • Great for portraits and landscapes
  • Recommended to process C-41 without worrying about remjet

Via: PetaPixel