From the top down, Prime, Over and Land monopods from Manfrotto

Tripod and accessory manufacturer Manfrotto has announced a total of six new monopods that it has added to the XPRO range, including models in carbon fiber as well as aluminum. The models cover three families of monopods: Prime for the heaviest equipment, Over for those who need height but for lighter kit, and Land for traveling.

The Prime models come in three variants, one of which has four sections and is made of carbon fiber. The other two are aluminum, and one of those features a pop-out three-leg support system that is concealed within the lower leg section. The Prime models can support up to 10kg / 22lbs and offer a maximum height of 168cm / 66.14in.

The Over series can support up to 7kg / 15.43lbs, and offer heights of up to 176cm / 69.29in, while there is only one Land monopod – a 5-section model which packs down to 41.5cm / 16.3in and weighs only 0.7kg / 1.5lbs. It can hold 6kg / 13.23lbs and can open to 141cm  / 55.51in.

Each of the models offers dual 1/4in and 3/8in threads and Manfrotto’s new Quick Power Lock leg clamps, as well as D-shaped tubing to help prevent rotation.

For more information visit the Manfrotto websiite.

Model Material Leg Sections  Price
 Prime Aluminum 3 £54.95
 Prime with legs Aluminum 3 £99.95
 Prime Carbon Fiber 4 £149.95
 Over Aluminum 4 £69.95
 Over Carbon Fiber 5 £169.95
 Land Aluminum 5 £69.95

US pricing is not yet available.


Manfrotto, world leader in the photography, imaging equipment and accessories industry, announces a new photo monopods range: the New XPRO MONOPODS. These products bring the premium style and performance of the 055 and 190 series tripods on single-legged camera supports and are superbly designed and crafted for professional and advanced photographers. The new XPRO MONOPODS range consists 6 of new models of the PRIME, OVER and LAND monopods.

With 6 new models available - 4 in aluminium and 2 in Carbon Fibre, the new XPRO MONOPODS come in different sizes and with ¼” or 3/8” mounting threads.

The PRIME Monopods provide the highest payload in the range and are able to support up to 10kg (22lbs) of weight. Available in 3 models (2 aluminium and 1 carbon fibre), one features a unique retractable mechanism that allows the three feet to fully disappear inside the last tube – only coming out when needed.

The OVER Monopods have increased the maximum height by 16% more than previous model, widening the shooting angles’ versatility whilst still maintaining remarkable compactness. Available in aluminium and carbon fibre.

Extending the range further, the LAND Monopod is a 5 section monopod ideal for travelling. It folds down to 41.5 cm (32.6 in) for easy transportation and can be packed into Manfrotto backpacks or messenger bags. Available in aluminium only.

The New Quick Power Lock provides stability of use to all XPRO MONOPODS and a fast locking grip, which can be released with a single hand movement.

The D-shaped tubes greatly improve the anti-rotation resistance allowing for a solid locking grip by eliminating jerky movements.

Remove problems of vibration, speed and portability with the New XPRO MONOPODS: suitable for Sport photography, Bird watching, Travelling and Nature photography.

Prices from £54.95. For more information, please visit