Shoot faster and more spontaneously from your home screen with the new fast capture widget for Vine for Android.

It's been a week since Vine updated its iOS app and, as promised, the same updates are now available for Android on Google Play. You'll get 15 new channels, the ability to re-Vine (share) your favs with your followers and take advantage of updated camera tools including focus, grid and ghosting (a ghost-like overlay of your last shot). With the new trending and hastags feature, it's easier to find and follow what users (and what Vines) are hot.

The ability to protect your  Vines so they're only visible to your followers was added to Android last week, so that's old news. But a new mute button has been added to the menu if you want to watch silent Vines. Performance improvements are part of the update as well.

But the big news is the fast capture widget on the home screen, which activates the Vine camera with a single tap for spontaneous shooting.  At the rate Vine keeps updating the app, can a fast capture widget for iOS be far behind?