Ahead of Adobe MAX 2021 later this month, Adobe has shared a sneak peek of an upcoming update to Photoshop on iPad. And it's a big one. Adobe Camera Raw is coming to iPad, allowing photographers to import and open raw images on iPad, just as you can on Photoshop on desktop.

Per Adobe, 'From DNG to ProRAW, unlock the power of your camera on-the-go by making adjustments like exposure and noise in your raw files, then importing into your PSD as an ACR Smart Object – all in the iPad.'

You can see Ryan Dumlao, Senior Product Manager for Photoshop on the iPad, give a hands-on demo in the video below.

As Dumlao says, ACR on iPad will support the same raw files as ACR in Photoshop on desktop, including the ProRAW format from recent high-end iPhone models. As you can see, while the functionality of ACR on iPad appears identical, the user interface itself is a bit cleaner and more modern, matching the style of Photoshop on iPad. We don't see the full suite of selective adjustment tools present in ACR on desktop, although without going hands-on, it's difficult to know for certain how the functionality and tools vary from desktop to iPad.

When finished editing, you can then open your raw image as a smart object inside Photoshop on iPad, maintaining a non-destructive workflow and the option to go back and make additional adjustments in Camera Raw at any point in the editing process.

Credit: Adobe

For much more on Photoshop for all platforms and other Adobe software, like Lightroom, stay tuned for Adobe MAX on October 26-28. You can learn more about Adobe MAX and register for free for this year's virtual event by clicking here.