Poppy was designed to resemble an old Viewmaster toy.

If you've ever wanted to relive your childhood memories of sitting in the back of your mom's station wagon while flipping through a Viewfinder 3D slide toy, here is your chance. Poppy for iPhone and iPod touch will let you view photos and videos in 3D but will also let you record your own 3D masterpieces.

It works by using mirrors to send two stereographic images to the single camera of an iPhone 4, 4S, iPhone 5 or fifth-generation iPod touch. As you look into the Poppy's viewfinder, the two separate images merge to  appear as a single three-dimensional photo or video. Poppy works with any existing photo or video app while its developers work on their own iOS application.

Poppy's Kickstarter campaign has taken off, raising over $25,000 over its $40,000 goal. The early bird $39 special is sold out, but eager buyers can still preorder a Poppy on Kickstarter for $49.

Check out Poppy in action: