Through his YouTube channel GxAce, cinematographer Casey Cavanaugh has published a new video showcasing his homemade 'GX-Pan' anamorphic lens adapter used with the $32k Hasselblad H6D-100C medium-format digital camera.

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According to Cavanaugh, Hasselblad saw the video in which he unveiled his DIY anamorphic lens adapter setup and offered to let him test it with the medium-format model. 'I was absolutely blown away by how much my little anamorphic lens resolved on that 100MP sensor,' Cavanaugh says in his video. 'I was honestly worried that it wasn't going to hold up to that scrutiny of 100MP.'

Cavanaugh explains that in addition to being an anamorphic lens created for a Super 16 projection, the unit also has a persistent fungus problem that has proven difficult to eliminate. In light of that, says Cavanaugh, the 'insanely sharp' images produced by the setup were 'honestly very surprising.' The demonstration also includes short video clips shot with the system.

Cavanaugh's previous content includes tips on purchasing a film camera and a short award-winning film on the risks of photo obsession. A selection of his anamorphic still images are available on his website.