Instagram has confirmed that it is testing a feature for sharing publicly available content posted by other users. In a statement to TechCrunch, Instagram explained that the company regularly tests new ways for users to "share any moment" with their friends. The feature, which some people are referring to as "regram," allows for public content to be shared within a user's Instagram Story.

The sharing feature is only available to a small percentage of users at this time. Instagram didn't provide any sort of time frame for when the feature may launch for all users, nor whether that is certain to happen. However, it seems likely that the feature will see a wider launch due to all users already having the ability to disable re-shares.

Photographers can prevent users from re-sharing their content by opening their Instagram profile, then tapping the menu icon. Within the app's menu, a new setting option is listed that reads "Allow Others to Reshare" alongside a toggle switch. Toggling the switch off will disable other users' ability to re-share content posted by that account.

Via: The Verge