The Photographer's Ephemeris (TPE), a mobile app that enables photographers to plan outdoor shots based on natural lighting conditions, has been updated with support for 'what3words' location tagging. With this system, photographers can tag a 3m x 3m (approx. 10ft x 10ft) area that is assigned three words by the what3words system.

The idea behind what3words is that it is easier to use than typical latitude and longitude coordinates, which involve long strings of numbers that can be difficult to accurately return to. The assigned words are completely random and are presented in a format like '' Every spot on Earth has been assigned a three-word location tag.

The TPE app has been updated with support for this system so that photographers can save their favorite locations using what3words and lookup shared destinations using the same location tag format. The option to enter latitude and longitude remains. Users can now access what3words tagging in the iOS and Android versions of the app.