Storage company LaCie has introduced three new portable, rugged SSDs that it says are designed specifically for creative, media, and entertainment pros who need ample storage while working remotely. The company's new lineup consists of the LaCie Rugged SSD, Pro, and BOSS SSD models, each offering high durability alongside features targeted at different user needs.

The most notable of the three new models is the LaCie Rugged SSD Pro, a device featuring Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.1, a Seagate FireCuda NVMe SSD with speeds up to 2800MB/s, and an IP67 resistance rating against dust and water. This device is designed for digital imaging technicians and filmmakers dealing with up to 8K footage.

Joining the Pro model is LaCie's new Rugged SSD, an alternative for media professionals who have less demanding needs. This model features USB 3.1 Gen2 and a Seagate FireCuda NVMe SSD with speeds up to 950MB/s. According to the company, that's fast enough for handling up to 4K video. As with the Pro model, this drive is secured in a durable housing with an IP67 rating, plus crush resistance and drop tolerance.

Finally, LaCie's new Rugged BOSS SSD is designed for photographers and filmmakers, offering a 1TB SSD with speeds up to 430MB/s. As well, this drive is unique due to the housing's built-in SD card slot alongside the USB port, as well as its built-in display for seeing the real-time status on data transfers, battery life, and available capacity. The housing is dust, splash, and drop-resistant and the drive works with a companion mobile app for managing content.

The LaCie Rugged SSD lineup will be available at the following prices:

  • LaCie Rugged SSD: 500GB ($179.99), 1TB ($299.99), and 2TB ($499.99).
  • LaCie Rugged SSD Pro: 1TB ($399.99) and 2TB ($699.99)
  • LaCie Rugged BOSS SSD: 1TB ($449.99)