The Branco Ottico team in Italy has showcased 'Bertha,' a giant large format camera that can be used to capture 1.1 x 1.1m (3.6ft) slides. A report about the camera's creation, as well as some images of the assembly process, were recently shared over at DIY Photography. The team explains that Berta is designed to 'create unique works' using the ROBA APPOSTA inversion kit chemical process created by Branco Ottico.

Bertha features a modular aluminum frame, a bellows draft measuring around 4m (13.12ft) in length and a 1000mm F6.3 lens. The camera can be used to capture portraits in macro mode, according to the team, which says they also have a mobile darkroom for capturing portraits outdoors. The team will tune the camera in early 2020, then take it and the mobile darkroom on a tour to capture portraits of people on the road.