Camera robotics company eMotimo has introduced the Dana Dolly Integration motion control kit that motorizes the popular Dana Dolly by integrating the eMotimo spectrum ST4 with the dolly for a massive range of control.

The Dana Dolly is a popular portable slider system used by many professionals , but industry-standard motion control setups can cost as much as $15,000 - $20,000. The attraction of the eMotimo Dana Dolly integration, according to the company, is that it costs just $4,250 while providing the same level of control and versatility.

Using the Dana Dolly with the spectrum ST4 integration kit allows videographers to control precise camera movements along a slider or for rotating the camera position remotely. The 4-axis system can perform 2- and 3-axis target tracking with the subject centered or off-centre, and it can even pull focus at the same time.

With programing, movement sequences are repeatable for special effects, and 4-axis timelapse can be performed in the field with the unit powered by a V-mount battery.

In all, the kit can handle up to 15lb—enough to tote some of the popular RED cameras like the Red Weapon, Epic, Red Scarlet, and Raven—and can move that weight at a maximum speed of one foot per second. The maximum panning speed is 180° in a second, and 75° per second in tilt mode. Finally, the company emphasizes that the kit is quick-and-easy to set up and, for convenience, it can be driven using a Sony PS4 DualShock4 controller.

The integration kit is available with the spectrum ST4 from $3500, and various spectrum ST4 bundles are on offer. For more information, visit the eMotimo website.