Red Dot Camera is a new camera app for iOS by Lifelike Apps. Its makers, who call themselves avid Leica M shooters, have tried to convert the look and feel of the legendary camera series to an iPhone app. Visually, the concept seems to work, with all the controls having a distinct Leica look. And in true Leica fashion the app features very few controls to start with. The app allows you to set the ISO between 30 and 1600, the shutter speed between 1/2 and 1/8000 sec or apply exposure compensation of up to 3EV, all via virtual setting dials. There is also a virtual focus ring to control the manual focus and frame lines for different focal lengths as you would find them in a real Leica viewfinder.  

What you won't find are effect filters, special modes or any other kind of non-essential features, making the app a good option for purist mobile photographers. If you want to make your iPhone camera feel, at least a tiny bit, like a Leica M camera, you can download and install the Red Dot Camera app from the Apple App Store now for for $2.99.