Google has confirmed Google Photos is adding the ability to search for images using the text featured in the content. This is different than searching for images based on their filename, instead using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to identify words featured in photographs, such as from an image of a menu or sign.

The feature was first spied by Hunter Walk, who shared the above screenshots of the new capability. The official Google Photos account responded to the tweet, confirming it's rolling out the new search capability.

Though apps that use OCR to copy text aren't anything new, the ability to search through albums of uploaded photos for text located within the images will come in handy for many users, particularly those who use Google Photos for storing scanned copies of invoices and other business documents.

According to The Verge, the new OCR-based search option is available on some Android devices at this time. Google indicated in its tweet that the feature is rolling out over the course of this month, so it may take a number of days or weeks to arrive for everyone.