PhotoMirage, a new product from software company Corel, transforms images into "mirages" by adding movement to elements, such as water or clouds. The software works in three steps, the company explains, only requiring the user to select the elements they want animated, isolate them from the rest of the image, then save the final product.

PhotoMirage does not require video footage (the way a cinemagraph does), instead animating a single static image. The software is designed to produce moving images "in minutes," Corel explains on its product website, enabling the user to choose the rate and direction of the movement using Motion Arrows. Plot Anchor Points are used to isolate images from movement, and a slider is used to manually adjust movement speeds.

The resulting image can be previewed, then either saved or shared directly on platforms like Instagram or through email from within PhotoMirage. The application costs $69.95 USD and comes with a free trial, but is only available for Windows 7 and higher.

Via: Digital Trends