Sundisc has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to fund production of its portable light shaper. The Sundisc is an ultra-portable softbox and reversible reflector in one and works with your DSLR's or mirrorless camera's flash gun. A compact and foldable design means the Sundisc fits in a camera bag, hand bag or even some coat pockets, allowing you to carry less gear and weight and still have control over your lighting when away from the studio. 

When using the Sundisc as a reflector you can switch between a warmer and cooler color temperature by reversing the interior. It automatically flips into its shape when unzipped and clips onto your flash gun. For more information watch the video below or visit the Sundisc Kickstarter page. On the latter you can reserve your personal copy for 400 Swedish krona ($45).