Every iPhone photographer seems to be falling in love with PureShot, the latest app from, maker of 645 Pro.

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If you found 645 Pro's plethora of options daunting, PureShot may be the next best thing. The capture app, released just last week for iOS, includes many of the features that photographers love about 645 Pro, in a simplified interface. Our reviewer is working on an in-depth look at PureShot, but we've had enough of a play to give a quick rundown of more interesting aspects of the app.

Large file size

PureShot offers three file sizes, including two sizes of JPEG output and the "developed raw," or "dRAW," TIFF output that put 645 Pro on the map. catetorizes its dRAW TIFF as a TIFF image with no in-app post-processing and no JPEG compression.

Exposure, focus and white balance lock

PureShot offers separate exposure, focus and white balance lock for advanced control over capture settings.

Night mode and high ISO support

PureShot's Night Mode lengthens your exposure time up to a full second, or you can set the exposure limit as fast as 1/8 of a second. High ISO support mode allows you to take advantage of high ISO capabilities of the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. 

Video overview 

The App Whisperer also recently posted a video walk-through of the app from Keith Tharp.