Fujifilm has launched a massive power adapter recall that might affect a good number of readers. If you purchased a Fujifilm XP90, XP95, XP120, XP125, X-A3 or X-A10 camera from June 2016 onward, the wall plug that shipped with your unit might be at risk of cracking and/or breaking, "exposing live electrical contacts and posing a shock hazard" according to Fujifilm USA and the US Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC).

The specific power adapter that is at risk is the AC-5VF, and according to Fujifilm, it was shipped with some XP90 and XP95 cameras sold from June of 2016, XP120 and XP125 cameras sold from January 2017, X-A3 cameras sold from October 2016, and X-A10 cameras sold from February 2017.

According to the CPSC, Fujifilm is recalling about 270,000 of these power adapters in the US, and another 24,000 in Canada.

Photo of the affected wall plug. Image: Fujifilm

As with most recalls of this type, not all cameras were affected. To check if your serial number is affected, grab your XP90, XP95, XP120, XP125, X-A3 or X-A10 camera and find the serial number as shown in the picture below:

To see if your camera shipped with one of the affected wall plugs, here's where you'll find your camera's serial number to plug into Fuji's Search Tool.

Then take that serial number and plug it into Fujifilm USA's search tool at this link, or reach out to Fujifilm directly via email at productsafety@fujifilm.com or by toll-free number 1-833-613-1200.

If your camera doesn't come up in the search tool, you're safe to keep using the wall plug that came with it. If it does come up, you'll need to contact Fujifilm via the email or phone number above, at which point they will "arrange to mail you a free replacement wall plug and associated adapter unit."

To learn more about this recall, or check your serial number against the database, visit the Fujifilm USA recall page.