SkyPixel, which can be accessed in DJI's consumer apps, as well as online, has attracted over 18 million aerial photographers and content creators from 140 countries to its platform since launching in 2014. To celebrate their 5th anniversary, they've partnered with DJI, Nikon, and Western Digital Corp to award 56 category winners and finalists prize packages worth over $117,000 combined. The SkyPixel 5th Anniversary Aerial Photo & Video Contest launched on Tuesday, December 3rd, and concludes on February 3rd.

This year's contest features 9 storytelling categories spanning two disciplines, videography and photography. In honor of the competition's 5th anniversary, an additional category, Aerial Story, which invites users to share their journeys from a drone's perspective, has been added. Here are more details for each category:


  • Nature: Capture footage of natural scenery, wildlife, and landscapes
  • City: Showcase the beauty of urban landscapes and man-made architecture
  • Sport: Document moments in movement the power and energy of humans doing sports
  • Travel: Stories about humanity, culture, or an unforgettable adventure (people should be included in these videos)

Entires should not exceed 5 minutes and must contain at least 30 seconds of aerial footage.


  • Portrait: Capture a person's expression, actions or passion in the beauty of their surroundings
  • Nature: Reveal the natural beauty of the world
  • Architecture: Show off impressive structures from a new perspective
  • Sport: Capture the energy and excitement of an athlete in action
  • Aerial Story: Consisting of 5 images, they should document adventures from a drone's perspective.

Photos must be captured by a drone. Although DJI is a major sponsor, entries captured by any brand of drone are eligible. Each image must be at least 3 MB with a resolution of 300 dpi (in this case, pixels per inch).

All winners will be featured as SkyPixel recommended photographers and be considered for the role of a DJI Creator. SkyPixel claims that entries from winners and finalists have received over 1 million views in past competitions. Winning entries will also be showcased at exhibits in DJI Flagship stores around the globe in Spring, 2020. Entries will be judged by a panel of award-winning experts including Jamie Hancock, Jarred Seng, Chris McLennan, and Thomas Chu. Results for this year's winners and finalists will be announced on March 3rd. To enter, visit SkyPixel's official contest site.