Things were easier in the pre-mobile Internet era. After a day out shooting with a digital camera we would transfer images to a computer and maybe sort them into folders or - the very organized among us - even use some image management software to tag and classify them. Nowadays a lot of images are being captured on smartphones and then directly shared on social media and/or uploaded to various cloud storage services. While this makes sharing and backing up images quicker and more straightforward, it's also much easier to lose track of where you uploaded your images. 

At first log-in you are asked to link your various social media and cloud storage accounts to the app.
Kwilt offers a good range of sorting options.

In comes Kwilt, a new app for iOS. It aims to help you keep track of your images by gathering them from your camera roll, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox and Google+ account and aggregating them into one unified photo stream. It does not store any images but only creates a table in the cloud that links to all images in their original location, making it a very lightweight application. 

Using Kwilt is straightforward. You have to register with the app and on first log-in are asked to link your social media and cloud image storage accounts. Once that is done Kwilt loads all your images into one comprehensive photo stream. During our quick test run we noticed that it loads all images from your Dropbox account, not just the ones in your Camera Uploads folder, which means you can end up with all sorts of icons, graphics and image files from shared folders in your photo stream. It seems there is currently no way to limit the Dropbox connection to specific folders. 

Images from several media sources are displayed as thumbnails in the Kwilt photo stream.
16 image editing tools are available.

Once a Kwilt stream has been created images can be sorted by a variety of criteria, including time, place, album and media source. As usual you tap on a thumbnail to open an individual image and then also have a few image editing options at hand, including effect filters, cropping, drawing and stickers. In addition you can group images from different media sources into shareable folders and collages. 

Kwilt is currently available for free for iOS 7 and iOS 8. After January 1 you'll have to shell out $2.99 for a version without ads. An Android version is under development as well and expected to be released next year. If Kwilt sounds interesting, head over to the Apple App Store now to download and install the app.

Kwilt offers all the usual sharing options. 
Early adopters get ad-free Kwilt service and unlimited media sources for life.