This past Saturday, November 26, Leica Store San Francisco was robbed, at gunpoint, of nearly $180,000 in camera equipment.

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According to surveillance video, four suspects, who arrived in a gray sedan, made their way into the Union Square store around 1:20pm. At least one suspect was armed with a handgun while another appeared to be holding a hammer or mallet of sorts to smash the display cases in the store, which house cameras, lenses and various pieces of Leica history.

The inside of Leica Store San Francisco.

Within three minutes, the four individuals managed to smash $20,000 in display cases and make off with $178,000 in cameras and lenses before hopping in the gray sedan and taking off. It isn’t clear from the video what exactly was taken from the store, but we have contacted Leica Store San Francisco about the matter and inquired about the serial numbers of the stolen equipment.

The San Francisco Police Department is requesting anyone with additional information to come forward by calling its tip hotline (415-575-4444).