Pixelmator has announced plans to release an image editing app called Pixelmator Photo for the Apple iPad. The new app utilizes Apple's Core ML machine learning technology to power multiple features including ML Fix, an algorithm trained using 20 million professional images.

Pixelmator Photo is an AI-powered app offering non-destructive image editing with desktop-class adjustments on the iPad. The software features ML Fix, ML Crop, and ML Presets, all features that utilize machine learning to enhance images. ML Crop's algorithm offers crop suggestions that fit the user's desired aspect ratio, for example, while ML Fix intelligently adjusts color, white balance, and exposure.

The ML Preset feature, meanwhile, offers film emulation presets enhanced using machine learning. The presets are designed to imitate film products that include Ilford HP5, Kodak Porta, and Fujifilm Superia. The feature works by first adjusting an image's colors and lighting, then applying the film preset.

Other Pixelmator Photo features include adjustment tools like Curves, Levels, Saturation, Exposure, and Brightness, as well as support for raw images from more than 500 cameras, cropping, grain adjustment, and the inclusion of a Repair tool.

The app will launch in the Apple App Store this year as an iPad exclusive. The price hasn't yet been revealed.