When HTC's latest top-end smartphone, the One M9, was launched at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona it looked to offer pretty solid imaging specifications. At 20.7MP it came with a much higher pixel count than its 4MP predecessor M8. However, despite the use of Google's latest Android 5.0 version, out of the box the new model was not capable of recording DNG Raw files. However, with the latest update of HTC's camera app that has changed. Now you can choose to save DNG Raw files on the M9 that can then be edited in software such as Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom.

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After Nokia's high-end Lumia models were the first smartphones to come with Raw capture it seems that the feature is now becoming more standard on Android devices as well. For example, the Google Nexus 6 and the brand new LG G4 both offer it in their native camera apps. Samsung's Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge don't support it out of the box but Raw files can be saved using third party camera apps such as Manual Camera or Camera FV-5.

If you are the owner of an HTC device you can download the latest version of the HTC Camera app from the Google Play Store now. However, DNG Raw capture will only be available to One M9 users.

Via: GSM Arena