Photographer Aryeh Nirenberg has shared an incredible timelapse from a trip to Northeast Colorado that shows the Earth’s axial rotation in relation to the location of the Milky Way Galaxy in the night sky.

The timelapse, which was captured nearly two years ago, but only now uploaded to YouTube, was captured with an astro-modified Sony a7S II with a Canon 24-70 F2.8 lens attached via an adapter. Approximately 1,100 10-second exposures were captured at 12-second intervals to create the 55-second timelapse.

In speaking with DPReview, Nirenberg said:

I was trying to shoot a regular Milky Way timelapse at a reservoir, but access to it was blocked on the side of the reservoir that I needed to be at to face the Milky Way. So, instead of just shooting the Milky Way with the boring field in the foreground, I thought I’d try doing it with my iOptron portable equatorial mount to make it more interesting and I [photographed] until most of the sky was out of the frame.

The resulting images were processed in Lightroom and the timelapse was rendered using LRTimelapse. You can find more of Nirenberg’s work on his website, Instagram profile and YouTube channel.