Some searches using Twitter's web platform showcase photo results visually at the top of the screen, but results were inconsistent when we tested Twitter's new photo-centric updates.

Twitter has made it clear it's making moves to stay competetive with Instagram. 

As CNET reported, the microblogging service rolled out new features yesterday that make photography more prominent on Twitter's web platform and mobile apps. The update comes just a couple of weeks after a Twitter employee told The New York Times photo filters are forthcoming for Twitter apps.

Some web searches (our results were varied, as CNET also found) now produce a visual display of photo results at the top of the screen, above tweets in text form. The search term "sunset" displayed the desired visual outcome, but several others we tried didn't generate the collage of images we'd hoped to see. (Another sign Twitter is paying close attention to Instagram: the new collage format of photo search results reminded us an awful lot of Instagram's recent web profiles design.)

Twitter's mobile app users should also begin to see instant photo preview when browsing the Twittersphere. Again, like CNET, we found the new feature inconsistent when playing around with it. 

Have you played around with Twitter's new photo-centric updates yet? How have your results been?