Electronics giant Sharp has officially joined the Micro Four Thirds system according to a press release on the Olympus global website. In the statement Sharp is identified as a ‘driving force’ behind 8K imaging, suggesting that the company will use the MFT system for its future camera systems.

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Sharp has already shown a Micro Four Thirds prototype 8K camera at this year’s CES show back in January, so this announcement just confirms the company’s direction for the future, saying ‘Sharp will add Micro Four Thirds products to their line-up.’

For more information see the Micro Four Thirds organisation and the Sharp websites.

Press release:

Sharp Joins in the Micro Four Thirds System Standard Group

Olympus Corporation and Panasonic Corporation jointly announced the Micro Four Thirds System standard in 2008 and have since been working together to promote the standard. We are pleased to announce that Sharp Corporation has recently declared their support for the Micro Four Thirds System standard and will be introducing products compliant with the standard.

As the driving force behind 8K imaging technology and a product developer, Sharp Corporation now supports the Micro Four Thirds standard. In the future, Sharp will add Micro Four Thirds products to their line-up. The possibilities unique to a joint standard will expand the enjoyment of imaging further.

As the company responsible for initiating both the Four Thirds System and the Micro Four Thirds System standards, Olympus will continue to develop and enhance the product line-up to meet the diverse needs of our customers.