Last summer, a Kickstarter campaign raised funds for moldable, eco-friendly plastic sticks called FixIts. The product is billed as a DIY tool that enables anyone to easily mold durable plastic into whatever little gizmo or component they need, similar to Sugru, but more eco-friendly. The FixIts sticks are now available to order in orange, black, and white colors.

FixIts sticks can be used creatively for a number of projects, and that includes potentially being used to create small custom camera gear mounts and accessories. In addition, the biodegradable plastics can be used to fix broken gear, such as creating a replacement tripod foot, repairing a bit of missing plastic or reinforcing a weak cable.

The product is similar to other moldable plastics; users only need to put the stick into a cup of hot water, wait for the plastic to soften, then mold it into whatever shape is desired and let it cool down. These created components can be heated and used again to create different objects.

FixIts are available now in three-stick packs $8.53 / £6.50 / €7.62.