Canon has ported a large chunk of its Digital Photo Professional (DPP) Raw processing software's feature set to mobile and launched the DPP Express app for Apple's iPad.

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The new app works in conjunction with Canon's Camera Connect app and offers a wide range of processing functions for Canon .CR3 Raw files and JPEG images. Files can be viewed, adjusted and saved to the cloud, a computer or your camera - all wirelessly.

The Camera Connect app, which also allows you to control the camera remotely, is used to wirelessly download images from your Canon camera to the iPad. Once on the tablet, images can then be processed and edited in DPP Express. The user interface has been designed with simplicity in mind and adjustment options include tone curves, picture settings, gamma levels and lens correction. All changes are applied in real time.

DPP Express also offers Multiple Editing Histories, allowing for several edited versions of the same image. Up to four editing histories let you compare effects and editing options on the same image and can be copied and pasted between files to apply the same workflow to more than one image.

The app is compatible with newer iPads and iPad Pro models running iOS 11. For more information on compatibility and features have a look at the Canon website. You can download DPP Express from the iOS App Store.