Tripods are one of the few pieces of camera equipment that haven't seen a lot of innovation over the years. LumaPod is hoping to change that though, with its all new tripod that's currently available to back on Kickstarter.

Deemed the 'world's fastest tripod,' the LumaPod is a compact tripod that uses patented tension technology to stabilize your shots without weighing a ton. It comes in two models — the Go85 and Go120 — for varying camera sizes and can also be used as a monopod and selfie stick.

Unlike traditional tripods, which rely on three legs attached to a centralized column and mounting point, the LumaPod is essentially two tripods in one that folds down into a single tube that looks something like the handle of a lightsaber. The base of the LumaPod is similar to a standard tripod in that it uses three rigid aluminum legs to keep the thing upright and steady. These low-profile legs serve as the attachment point for a telescoping column and three kevlar cables that hold the central column in place using tension.

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The Go85 LumaPod weighs just 400g/0.88lbs, measures in at 85cm/33.5in and can hold 1kg/2.2lbs of camera equipment. The larger Go120 weighs 690g/1.65lbs, measures in at 120cm/47.3in when closed, and can hold 2kg/4.4lbs of camera equipment.

The Go85 includes a collection of accessories designed to make the most of shooting with smartphones and GoPro cameras, while the Go120 includes a compact Z-plate for more versatile mounting of mirrorless and DSLR cameras. Other accessories are available as add-ons through the Kickstarter. These include a Bluetooth remote, quick release plate, travel sling, compact ball head, and more.

The lower legs of both LumaPods are modular and adaptable to fit your shooting needs. They can be hot swapped with rubber feet, terrain levelers, dolly wheels, and other accessories by simply swapping them out. LumaPod claims it takes just four seconds to set up the tripod.

It remains to be seen just how stable this setup is, but it's an interesting design that may very well work for smaller camera setups.

The Go85 starts for a pledge of €69 (approximately $80), while the Go120 starts at €85 (approximately $99). Both models are expected to ship in May 2019. To find out more and secure your pledge, head on over to the Kickstarter campaign.