In honor of the National Parks Centennial birthday celebration, Google has partnered with the National Parks Service to bring a unique and exciting virtual immersion experience to your fingertips. The Hidden Worlds of National Parks is a new exhibit that is part of Google's larger Arts and Cultures Exhibit and Documentary series. In this new series, users will be able to visit and interact with some of the more obscure National Parks in the United States, such as the Dry Tortugas in Florida and the Kenai Fjords in Alaska through VR and 360 degree video tours. 

In the video experience a National Parks service ranger will guide you through one of the five park options. Users will be taken on unique guided tours such as a hike through the lava flows in Hawai'i, a kayaking trip through the Fjords in Alaska or a snorkeling trip through the coral reefs in the Dry Tortugas of Florida.  

The virtual tours are available online and in the Google Arts & Culture App which is available for both iOS and Android device platforms.