Photographer and programmer Felix Sun has designed an app called Windowed that finally allows you to post images to your Instagram account straight from your computer—no tablet, smartphone, or strange loophole workaround required.

Instagram is a great way to build an audience and even earn yourself a commission or two, but the app's mobile-only upload has been a thorn in every professional photographer's side from the very beginning. Most of us don't shoot our best photos on our phones, and many camera brands don't have the best systems (read: some downright suck) in place for getting those photos off of your main camera and onto your smartphone.

Enter Windowed, a simple app that allows you to upload images straight to Instagram from your Mac or PC. And best of all, the application is open source and "100% free."

The app is able to provide this functionality thanks to a semi-recent update to Instagram that allows you to post photos from a mobile browser. Under normal circumstances, you're unable to access this functionality from your Mac or PC; Windowed pretends to be a mobile browser to get around this limitation.

There have been workarounds posted online for ages that make it possible to post to Instagram from your desktop, but this is the first implementation we've seen that's truly easy. In fact, it's no different than posting to IG using Chrome or Safari on your smartphone.

To learn more about Windowed, see the source code, or download it for yourself, head over to the app's website by clicking here.