Shiftcam is a maker of smartphone imaging accessories best known for its 6-in-1 lens slider cases and 'Pro' line of accessory lenses which were all launched via successful crowdfunding campaigns.

Now the company has returned to Kickstarter with a new project: the ShiftCam ProGrip. The ProGrip is a smartphone grip designed to emulate the ergonomics of a larger camera, like a DSLR or mirrorless model. Shiftcam says it wanted to create a product that combines the accessibility and convenience of mobile phones with the familiarity and control of a traditional camera.

Landscape orientation

In addition to a quite substantial hand grip the ProGrip features a Bluetooth shutter button and a pivot construction that allows for quick rotation of the phone from landscape to portrait orientation or vice versa. This means you can shoot photos or video in any orientation without altering your hand position on the grip.

Portrait orientation

Other camera-like features include a cold shoe mount that allows you to attach lighting accessories or external microphones, and a 1/4" tripod mount. The ProGrip also comes with a built-in battery and can charge your device wirelessly using the Qi standard. ShiftCam says the battery's 5200 mAh capacity roughly doubles your phone's battery life.

ProGrip with accessories

Unlike previous ShiftCam cases the ProGrip is not meant to be used with a specific smartphone model but designed to work with a long list of devices including most recent Apple, Samsung, Google, LG, Huawei and Xiaomi high-end models. ShiftCam also says that 'based on market intelligence from our case manufacturer' the new grip will be compatible with the yet to be launched Apple iPhone 12 series.

The ProGrip doubles as a hands-free dock with charging capability when not used for image or video capture. Thanks to the pivot design it can adjusted for content consumption or video calls.

The ProGrip doubles as a charging stand.

The ProGrip will be available in two colors, Charcoal and Putty, and backers can choose from a range of pledging options on the project's Kickstarter page. $99 secures you a basic grip. The $119 version includes some basic accessories, like a strap or pouch. For those who have more money to spend there are also dedicated photo, video, macro and ultra-wide kits that come with accessory lenses, with pricing around the $200 mark. The $399 Pro kit includes pretty much all available accessories and a total of seven lenses.

Shipping expected for November 2020. More information is available on the ShiftCam website.

Press release:

ShiftCam’s latest release of an innovative ergonomic battery grip will take mobile photography to the next level. Transforming Your Mobile Device into a Professional Camera in Seconds

San Francisco, CA — (June 12, 2020) - ShiftCam, a global mobile photography gear company, has announced the launch of their latest product — ProGrip — that will be a game-changer of mobile photography for both enthusiasts and professionals. The ShiftCam ProGrip Launch will live on Kickstarter on June 16 at 1PM EDT (url: This is ShiftCam’s 6th crowdfunding campaign and will be the company’s most ambitions launch yet. ProGrip will be available in two colors, Charcoal and Putty. Backers will also have the option to purchase bundle packs which includes accessories such as lenses and strap to complete the ultimate mobile photography and videography experience.

With the launch of the ProGrip, ShiftCam is on the rise to become one of the trend setters of the Mobile Photography Industry. Understanding that as the cameras on our mobile phones become more advanced and intricate with each new model, external lenses will eventually be replaced in the process. To stay ahead of the game, the designers of ShiftCam went back to their photography roots and asked themselves what is missing from the picture.

The designers recognized that one of the major differences experienced when it comes to
shooting on their phones is that it just doesn’t provide the security and balance of a traditional DSLR camera, especially while shooting for long periods of time across different locations. That is why during product development, the ShiftCam team focused on creating something that focuses on comfort and functionality to further optimize the mobile photography and videography experience. They wanted to create a product that can close the gap by combining the accessibility and convenience of mobile phones, along with the familiarity and control of a traditional camera. Thus, the creation of the ProGrip, an innovative reassuring ergonomic battery grip for your mobiles.

ProGrip is designed as a camera-like grip that allows users to securely and comfortably carry and shoot on their mobile phones. With a built in Bluetooth shutter button, you even can click and photograph like you would with a traditional camera. ProGrip also doubles as a Qi wireless battery bank which can charge your mobile phones as you shoot so you are ready to take on your next adventure. With a universal fit and a built-in pivot rotation, ProGrip can be seamlessly snapped onto most of the mobile phones and rotated to take the perfect shot. In addition, the designers also incorporated features such as cold shoe mount and 1/4" tripod screw to the ProGrip, so you can attach your favorite accessories to complete the ultimate mobile photography and videography experience. As a bonus feature, ProGrip can also be used as a charging hands free dock for those Netflix marathons or video calls.

“We started ShiftCam with the idea to provide the tools to help safeguard the ophisticated
emotion called life and the memories that make us who we are,” said KL, founder and CEO of ShiftCam. “It is our passion for ShiftCam to be your help with the making of memories. After all, the best part of memories is making them, which is why we strive to create the best possible tool for our customers to do so, with their mobiles on the go.”

Over the last three years, the ShiftCam team has worked diligently to perfect their products. Their previous campaigns include the MultiLens cases for iPhones, as well as the ProLens Series which feature 6 distinct professional grade lenses that can be attached to mobile phones. Also, ShiftCam was notified as an honoree of the 2020 CES Innovation Awards. Prior to that, the company was honored as a recipient of the 2018 Red Dot Design Award winner and CES innovation Awards winner. ShiftCam has also been recognized by well-known media such as Mashable, CNET, Forbes, Tom’s Guide and D Preview etc. With the launch of ProGrip, ShiftCam will establish itself as one of the industry’s top players.

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Disclaimer: Remember to do your research with any crowdfunding project. DPReview does its best to share only the projects that look legitimate and come from reliable creators, but as with any crowdfunded campaign, there’s always the risk of the product or service never coming to fruition.