Ibis hotels in Switzerland are offering guests a new service called Social Media Sitter. With this, customers can use "Instagram professionals" provided by the hotel to manage their Instagram profile while on vacation, enabling guests to "enjoy the city without a smartphone in front of the face," the company explains on its website.

The Social Media Sitter service is now available at Ibis hotels in Zurich and Geneva. The company lists several "Instagram professionals" on its site who specialize in categories that include fashion, travel, beauty, culture, art, and more.

The Instagram sitter shares "the best posts" on the guest's profile, though it's unclear how the service works. Presumably the Social Media Sitter is provided with the customer's username and password; the company's video suggests the sitter will follow the guests to capture candid shots and will manage the account's comments and likes on the user's behalf.

It's unclear whether Ibis plans to launch its Social Media Sitter option at its other hotels. The new service appears popular, though, as Ibis's Geneva and Zurich locations both show their Instagram professionals having been fully booked each weekend throughout November.