We are very sad to report the death of Michael Reichmann, founder of Luminous-Landscape. 

Luminous-Landscape and dpreview.com came of age at around the same time. While we focused on lab testing and measured performance, Michael's perspective was always that of a passionate photographer. 

Michael Reichmann, founder of Luminous-Landscape has passed away aged 71. Photo by Nick Devlin, used with permission.

I was a keen reader of Luminous-Landscape before I discovered DPReview (shhhh, don't tell Phil), back when it seemed like almost every month brought a new paradigm shift in the quality of digital cameras. I still remember poring over Michael's now-famous (and still controversial) study of Canon's EOS D30 against Fuji Provia, in which he concluded that grainless 3MP digital files were in most respects superior to film.

"Life is short, death is long and
I'm busy enough as it is"
Michael Reichmann, on exhaustive side-by-side testing

Michael was a towering figure in the North American photography press, and a natural writer. His humility and sense of humor shone through his work on Luminous-Landscape and made him wonderful company. He'd seen it all before, and didn't take any of it - certainly not himself - particularly seriously. In failing health, Michael spent the last year of his life focused on the Luminous-Endowment, a charitable fund that he set up to benefit photographers across the globe.

Just last week I enjoyed (re) reading his excoriating 2004 'non-review' of the Contax N Digital, and I almost emailed him to see how he was doing. I wish I had. Michael will be missed by all of us at DPReview.