Lenovo has introduced a new product for displaying albums of digital images as art in one's home or office. Called the Smart Frame, this new connected 21.5-inch display is designed to look like a large picture frame, blending in with one's existing decor to showcase the user's own images or a selection of licensed artwork stored in the cloud.

The Lenovo Smart Frame is designed for use with the company's snap-on mounting system, which enables the user to rotate the image from portrait to landscape modes for displaying different types of images and artwork. Buyers are given the option of choosing different frame materials and colors to match their existing decor.

A built-in color tone sensor monitors the ambient lighting in the room where the Smart Frame is mounted and automatically adjusts the screen's brightness for what Lenovo claims is 'a more natural and aesthetic viewing experience.' The display has an anti-glare matte finish for a realistic, viewable experience during daylight hours.

According to Lenovo, the Smart Frame uses an AI to curate the user's own photo album, selecting the highest quality images to create digital collages that show multiple photos at once. As well, the device comes with a companion app that offers access to hundreds of pieces of artwork.

Lenovo plans to launch the Smart Frame in North America in August with a starting price of $400.