In early October this year Google announced Live Albums for Google Photos. Live Albums is an automated way of creating albums in your Photos accounts. The system is capable of identifying specific people and pets in your images and moving them into dedicated albums, without the need for any user interaction.

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However, it seems with the new feature the limit of 10,000 images and video per album was way to low. Turns out, people take a lot of pictures and videos of their favorite people and pets.

Thankfully the limit has now been bumped up and family or pet albums, as well as all other albums, can now contain up to 20,000 image and video files. The change has been confirmed by Google to Android Police and documented in the support pages.

The new limit should prevent the need to remove content for a while, but in the event space is at a premium, users can choose to exclude older photos in the album creation process to fee up a little space.