For many of us, the phrase 'family photo' can stir up memories of long, uncomfortable sessions, being made to wear clothes we didn't like, sitting with siblings we liked even less. But despite the reputation they've gotten for being awkward and sometimes weird, we still kind of love them. And when you think about the fact that a lot of people fleeing a house fire will likely grab their family photos on the way out, it's fair to say that we count them among our most prized possessions. 

So you can imagine the impact it might have if you'd gone your whole life never having a family photo or portait taken, and suddenly a stranger hands you one. That's what GivePhotos is all about. Born in Kolkata, Hollywood film editor Bipasha Shom grew up in New Jersey but made many trips back to India to visit family. On these trips she encountered many people living in poverty, and discovered that they often didn't have photos of themselves or their families. It was a seemingly small thing, but something she had the power to change, and she vowed to do so.

Three Fujifilm Instax wide cameras and 1,000 prints later, she's met countless strangers, learned their stories and given them a priceless gift. The reaction? Well, a photo's worth a thousand words, and the smiles in the images above say it all.

Shom's mission continues and you can help keep it going – check out her page on Generosity.

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