ExperimentalOptics has launched a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund the production of what it claims is the 'smallest fastest pancake lens in the world.'

The 35mm F2.7 lens is measures just 7mm thick — the same height as exactly 4 quarters stacked on top of one another — and weighs 40 grams/1.4 ounces. Although most of the testing for the lens was done on full-frame mirrorless cameras — Sony from the looks of it — ExperimentalOptics says the lens really shines on APS and smaller cameras. On APS-C and APS-H cameras, the lens is equivalent to roughly 50mm, while Micro Four Thirds gives it an equivalent focal length of 70mm.

The lens, which is milled from a solid piece of metal has no moving parts and features a native M39 mount. It can be used with almost any camera though when paired with an optional helicoid adapter.

'This is not a cheap, low quality, low speed toy lens,' says ExperimentalOptics on the campaign page. 'It is a high quality, fast lens, [that gives] you the utmost creative possibilities of speed, selective focus and bokeh – and all in an unobtrusive and uncompromisingly compact body that never gets in the way of your creative expression.'

To find out more information and to secure your pledge, head on over to the Kickstarter campaign. A pledge of € 1,199 (approximately $1,390) will get you the 35mm F2.7 lens, a handmade lens pouch, a manual and free worldwide shipping. It's set to ship in 'late 2018.'

If you want to see more sample photos from the lenses, ExperimentalOptics has shared a gallery of sample images on its Flickr page.