District 7 Media owner Drew Geraci recently published a short film titled "Structure" that takes viewers on an up-close journey inside everyday objects. The video was shot with a Sony A9 camera, as well as an AmScope Microscope with a camera attachment, Kessler Second Shooter control unit with a Stepper Motor, and Manfrotto Lykos Lights.

Geraci uploaded the video to Vimeo, where he explains that "Structure" presents organic objects magnified up to 1000x. Those objects include a variety of fruit, bell pepper seeds, mushrooms, carbonated water, soap bubbles, beet leaf, and more.

Everything was shot in 4K using the Sony A9, according to Geraci's video description, where he explains that the process took place over 30 days, after which the shots were edited into the two minute video using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 and After Effects CC 2018. In describing the inspiration for "Structure," Geraci said:

It all started with a single shot—a small frozen snowflake I captured using a 100mm macro lens. I’ve shot plenty of macro photography in the past, but for some reason this image ignited my imagination and passion to shoot. So I did what any sane person would do—bought a microscope with camera capabilities and started to shoot everyday objects at 1000x+ magnifications.